Saturday, March 06, 2010

Relief supplies

We started out early today...on the road by 5:30 AM.  United Nations Police and military came again to provide security and did a great job.  Managed to unpack six containers, transfer the supplies to small boats, unload the small boats onto trucks which drove them to Castel-Pere where we unloaded them one final time into one of three warehouse spaces.  Whew!  Thought I was tired yesterday! 
Looked like we were gonna lose the ten 20' containers but Nathalie came to the rescue.  She used her charm and convinced the contractor working on the new wharf to help us out.  He agreed for a modest sum so a crane was used to transfer the containers from the small boats to the flatbed truck you see in the previous post.
The journalist from the Portland Press Herald, Bill Nemitz, came ashore to interview me and see Castel-Pere up close.  That will be the Herald's story tomorrow morning. 


Dr. Cynthia said...

See the story here:

A small mistake in the name of our non-profit, which is "Free the Kids". Otherwise a great story!

Denis Nat Dad said...

Nathalie has the same smile and charm that her mother has. NO ONE can resist

Anonymous said...

I just read the story in the Maine Sunday Telegram. What a great story! Congratulations! I thought it would be about the delivery of the shipment but it is all about Father Marc.

Barb in New Mexico