Thursday, March 11, 2010

Berthony's 29th

Happy Birthday to Berthony Constant who turns 29 today.  If I was as smart and diplomatic at his age, I'd be a wise man today.  We are fortunate to have him on our team.  He is completely devoted to the children and has a good grasp of management.  Many more, Berthony!


Janina said...

Bonne anniversaire!

paula paszke said...

So dear Berthony....since you sort of rescued us in the field with all the kiddos, the first thought was a knight in shining armor outfit as you may need to wear it frequently....however with the heat and te rain, in may prove uncomfortable so the next more practical idea was to purchase a couple livestock at the reduced prices the seem to be being sold around the area. Albeit a less immidiate and uplifting effect, one that would keep the calories coming in for kdis and staff alike....( I know, you are thinking, oh goody. birthday chidkens or donkeys or something....
what will it be?? the money will go to the financial genious birthday buyer...(sorry, thats you Nathalie!)
let me know!

Dr. Cynthia said...

It's actually difficult to believe that Berthony is so young- he has poise and wisdom beyond his years. Bonne fete, mon ami.

Lloy P. Sonderick said...

Happy Day, Berthony. Fr. Marc often mentions you in his posts. The world can see how important (and valuable) you are to the mission down in Les Cayes.
Sending Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness your way!
Lloy, in Colorado