Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ain't it grand ?

Finished painting our new warehouse this afternoon.  What do you think?  Secure?  Check.  Spacious?  Check.  Inexpensive?  Check.   Eco-friendly?  Check.


Janet Brackett said...

And beautiful to boot. Great job!

Anonymous said...


Belinda Lee said...

Fr Marc,
Please...I just saw a CNN news story on why everything is held up at PaP customs. Haitian customs wants all the aide turned over to them and then they will "give it back?" to the aid groups...are they charging customs fees on these aid items? Were duties always in place there? One guy just had tents, another group of medical personel held up because of the supplies they've brought in(and wasting valuable time). An orphanage damaged in the quake bringing in supplies. Now I understand the need to boost the economy by using what is there, but really, is now the time to turn away help?
I'm upset if you can't tell.
Thanks for any light you shed.

Theo said...

Sorry I don't have television. I would have enjoyed that CNN story. There are no simple answers here. Should non-profits be charged customs' fees? No. Are they? Yes. This is a symptom of the broken machine called government. State employees are paid too little to
survive so it is expected that "fees" will augment their income. Business people who profit from imports often pay less in fees than we non-profits.
Before your indignation gets the best of you, try and see things from a poor person's perspective. NGOs seem to have unlimited funds, always have brand new cars, pay great salaries... it's only fair that they "share" the wealth with the poor, struggling bureaucrat. Poverty distorts one's vision, one's understanding. It's like a cancer that eats away at the moral fiber of a society.
I'm hoping that the re-construction of Haiti is more than a band-aid. There has to be radical change if Haiti is to thrive (and not merely survive).

Janet Brackett said...

Father Marc,
Thanks for your perspective. It's easy to sit back and wring our hands about "corruption," when we're safe and well-fed. What you describe sounds very much like the difference between "looting" and "foraging." It also isn't that different from (well-fed) folks in this country who use their employers' office supplies for personal purposes . . . most don't even think of that as wrong. I'd venture to say that it's not only poverty that distorts one's vision. I appreciate the context you've provided. Peace . . .

Belinda Lee said...

Fr Marc,
Too late, forgive my indignation, I'm a comes with the territory.
Believe me, I am seeing it from a poor person's perspective. The one who doesn't have a job at the customs office.
I actually believe in paying duties, but legally.
We'll see what the future holds.
God Bless you and the work you continue to do.
P.S. I like the blue truck.

Karina said...

Thank you for your perspective. I was just about to write about the CNN story as well.

Are your supplies arriving timely? Or are you having trouble receiving your supplies?

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