Thursday, January 14, 2010

More on Day 3

The road is open and thousands of people from Port-au-Prince have started arriving. The streets are full of people and there's lots of noise. The local general hospital cannot take any more people and there are sick/hurt people everywhere, on the floors and in the parking lot. We sent a supply of drugs and alcohol as the hospital had completely run out. The town is not equipped for this wave of refugees from the capitol's devastation. We will be setting up a soup kitchen in town for the hungry using a supply of packaged, fortified food. Cross International and USAID have assured us that our supplies will be replenished. People are starting to respond to our appeals and money is coming in. Be generous as there are many, many people and we've only just begun.


Anonymous said...

Dear Father Marc, All of us who are watching helplessly are hanging on to your every word. Thanks for the blogs and for keeping the rest of us updated...we are all praying for you...stay safe. You are God's instrument.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your updates. Any news of the hospital in Fond des Blancs?

Dr Cynthia said...

This need will go on and on, for much longer after the media coverage has stopped- please give generously!

Rachel said...

Your organization has gotten much coverage in the news. Hopefully this will motivate residents of Maine to send donations soon. How are you able to stay connected to the internet without electricity?

jonathan smith said...

Fr. Marc,
I can't imagine the suffering that surrounds you and your friends. We are touched that you all, with next to nothing, are setting up a soup kitchen for the least of these, banking not on the promises of Red Cross and USAID, but on our Father: I love how The Message translates Proverb 19:17, “Mercy to the needy is a loan to God, and God pays back those loans in full."

Praying for you.

regina said...

I know you will do as much as you can, so be assured that we will also do as much as we can!

Janet Brackett said...

Father Marc,
Thank you for your extremely helpful posts . . . we did hear from Father Max (St. Laurent parish) that he is okay. Your updates are helping us stay informed about what is happening in areas outside of Port-au-Prince so we can begin to anticipate the needs Father Max and his people will have down the road. God bless you and your work . . .

Anonymous said...

God delivered that food to the right place at just the right time. He truly is an awesome God. God Bless to all, praying here in the U.P. of Michigan

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