Saturday, September 01, 2007

School prep

If you are a parent with school age children you know how challenging it is to get them ready for the opening bell. Apart from getting the school itself ready with things such as school benches, chalk boards, books, supplies... we have to get the children prepared. Matante and Jocelyn who are in charge of the children told me this morning that we need to purchase 310 sneakers for the small children and 68 for our teens. Sneakers for the little guys cost an average of $10 and for the teens it is $12 so we are looking at an expense of $3,900 just for footwear. We still need to buy undershirts, underwear, belts and socks. Thank goodness not all the kids need stuff at the same time but September is always a demanding month. There's a container coming with an assortment of these things but we have no idea when it will arrive. We could use a little financial help here at this time. Thank you.

PS Connie Basso reminded me that the Mission Parish School's Haiti Club in San Juan Capistrano raised $3,000 specifically to help us purchase sneakers for the children. If I did not say it before, I'm saying it now, we are very grateful to the students, teachers and parents of the Mission Parish School for their generosity. They are an example of Christian concern for those less fortunate. God bless 'em.

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