Friday, June 22, 2007


Lent my camera to Jean-Robert, our own Dennis the Menace, and he took these photos. Top is me taken from the second deck of the Quad. Middle photo is of his best friend, Fery. And the bottom photo is Dan, of course, posing for the camera. Maybe I should lend it to him more often and we'll get to see things from his perspective.


the murnanes said...

hmmm... this gives me an idea!

wouldn't it be cool to get some cameras into the hands of some of the boys this summer and let them take pictures of whatever/whomever they want. sort of a look at hope village from their perspective.

we could even get the good ones printed out and maybe set up an exhibition of sorts here in the states with the photographs and write-ups about the photographers and project hope. this could be a potential fundraiser.

i guess i am thinking as i type, so i don't know is this a good idea? bad idea? what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting site of a photography project involving students in Haiti. Might provide some ideas?

St. Mary's, Maine

rwa said...

Priceless expressions! That's Fr. Marc's don't-drop-my-camera-over-the-railing face :) Ferie's face tells us that the kids have a loving and happy Espwa family. And, Dan-- well, ya just gotta love him! He is doing such good work for Espwa!

kate said...

I can't wait to see that Jean-Robert again!