Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bye! Bye! Raymond

Raymond Verreault left us this morning on the early flight to Port-au-Prince to catch his long flight back home to Canada and be with his family. Not to worry-- he'll be back in the fall like he has for the last five years. If you've kept up with the blog you know that Raymond was responsible for the painting at Castel-Pere. He has done a bang-up job of that but this past month or so Raymond has found a new endeavor. He is now our Outreach Housing Director. Oh, he'd laugh at the title and make a joke but he has taken on a huge and powerful service for our less fortunate neighbors. As he is not one to replicate what has been done and as he is a very thorough individual, he thought this through in detail and then plunged in with all his gusto. The next two posts show the result of his work. Have a good rest, Raymond. Come back to us refreshed and re-energized as there are many more deserving families waiting for your collaboration. N'ap songe ou chak jou, Raymond.

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