Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Please check Konny's Korner

Please check out Konny's Korner by clicking on the button at the right. A lot of good stuff is happening with our Arts and Crafts Program. Many thanks to Connie Basso for her dedication and awesome energy in making our program a success. What a blessing to have such great people working with us to help the unfortunate children of Haiti. Kudos to Assumption School and Parish. We are very grateful and appreciative. God bless you!


Regina said...

The kids have really progressed with talent and skill when it comes to arts and crafts! Connie has done a great job behind the scenes to help our program be as self-sustaining as possible.

konnyskorner said...

Thanks for your kind words but you have to remember that many people are involved in this program. Andy, in Haiti has been my contact to get the crafts made and packed, Mr. Champon transported them from Haiti to New Jersey, Doug picked them up and brought them to the school and Jack, OF COURSE, always a big help to me. This is an ongoing project and we count on your continued support.