Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dear Partners

We have no idea how many folks check this blog but we hope that it is a high number and that you will spread the news about who we are and what we do. Nick, our talented photographer, and I try to capture some of the significant moments here so that you can share in our mission in a more visceral way than is otherwise possible. Your prayers and your financial support are needed. The cost of living in Haiti has increased by 15% in the last year-- this is due mostly to fuel prices that have skyrocketed and the political instability. Our Haitian staff and employees are doing terrific work but they need a just wage; our agricultural project is in its infancy and needs money to prime the pump to attain our goal of sustainability; food costs are up again and medicine, when we can find them, are far from cheap. Please help us find more partners -individuals, clubs, churches, schools- who can help us help the children. May God bless our efforts !!

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pm said...

Pe Mak,

I give the blog site to all I talk to-
I love it

Such a great story of all current events

Thanks to you & Nick for keeping it current