Sunday, October 20, 2013

New blog

I haven't been able to keep up with updating you on the great things and the not so great things happening here.  In an effort to keep you in the know, a new blog is now open for inspection.  It will be updated more frequently and this one will be phased out.  Put "espwa means hope" in your browser and you'll see it.  Hope you enjoy it.

A few friends wrote to say that they could not find the new blog by doing what I suggested.

Try this:

Monday, October 14, 2013

Our newest twins

Above is a photo of Hebreaux and Hebreauson (nicknamed Juneau and Juneauson), our new twins. We met these two five or six months ago when we rushed them to the hospital for severe malnutrition; some of our visitors may remember them. Recently their mother was diagnosed with a serious medical problem and, with no one else to turn to, asked that we take in her children - these two and their sisters. It's a sad story but here they have a new start; they're real sweet and we're glad to have them. With your support we are able to say to them -"Welcome to the family".

Another tragedy

I concelebrated a funeral Mass this past Saturday for six young girls killed in a terrible car accident a week before.  The photo on the bottom right (above) is of our liturgical coordinator's daughter.  She was thirteen and the youngest victim.  Bad road conditions, poorly trained drivers, no required vehicle inspections combine to make fatal car crashes much too frequent.  Please pray for the families of these girls who have been devastated by this tragedy.
Thank you.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Twins Sonice and Sony

Sonice watches as Sony cuts up the floor with his dance moves.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


This is Jakson.  He's been with us a couple of months now and is super friendly.  He isn't talking just yet but I could read his non-verbals.  He was saying: "Gimme that little box you have in your hands.  Yah, you.  I'm talking to you!"


Here's a photo I took today of Jamesley.  He is real laid-back and usually quick to smile though this afternoon... well, you can see for yourself.  Jamesley is crazy for vehicles.  He runs to the door or window when he hears a motor and is trying to figure out why the electric golf cart I occasionally use catches him by surprise.


Here are a couple of recent photos of Sonice.  The top one catches her coming into a room with a freshly washed pile of clothes.  Yeah, dress up time!
 In the other she's posing demurely for the camera.  Think she's camera shy?  Not in the least.

Friday, July 12, 2013


A small group of our Metal Workshop students made this etagere which sold for $100.
Metal has become quite expensive here so it's not easy to earn a living as a metal worker but selling this piece before even graduating from our Vocational School is most encouraging.  Well done, guys.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Communion Reception

 Here are a few of our First Communion girls along with Annabelle and her mom, Jane, who helped host the reception.
Long shot of the First Communion Party 2013 held in the Guest House.  Local pastries, cake and soft drinks were served.


On my way to the Guest House for the party this afternoon I came across two of our guys studying for the state exam to be held Monday thru Thursday of this week.  This is the Rheto Exam and a very big deal.
In the foreground is Lifaite and Julnor is in the background.  I believe the cow is just munching away as always.

Two Sacraments celebrated

Above are five newly baptized young people and sponsors.  The Sacrament took place yesterday in our small chapel located in the Guest house.

All the above (43 of 'em) received their First Communion this morning at Mass.  A happy occasion for them and a proud moment for us.  There will be a little party for them this afternoon.  Your support allows us to teach these children about God and His great love for us all.  Thank you very much.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Junior Team
Senior Team
The finals for the Southern Department's Interscholastic Soccer Competition were held last week.  Guess who won in both categories?  Yup!  Espwa's two teams (Junior Division consisting of seventeen year olds and younger and the Seniors consisting of eighteen year olds and older) came home with the trophies.  We celebrated their victories in the Quad with a few speeches and lots of good food.  Congratulations to the boys, the coaches and managers for this terrific and well-earned accomplishment.